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On-demand training for residential HVAC installers.

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Course Description

There’s high demand for installers in the HVAC industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 13% HVAC job growth through 2028 (much higher than other industries). For many businesses, it’s a choice between hoping to find experienced workers, and hiring new people to train up in the trade. With Virtual BuildAnInstaller, learn the HVAC basics and installation best practices you’ll need to succeed on the job. This program is installation-specific, and completed entirely online, at your pace. Section exit tests at key points measure progress, and the program culminates in an EPA exam.

What you'll learn

  • HVAC safety, tools, and intro to brazing
  • Intro to air distribution, including ways to measure airflow, types of ductwork, and how to install them
  • Refrigeration basics, electrical wiring, heating, and HVAC system startup

Course Overview

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  • Introduction and An Organized Installation
  • Safety
    • Safety Test
  • Installation Tools and Fasteners
  • Tubing
    • Tubing Test
  • Air Distribution
    • Air Distribution Introduction
    • Types of Ductwork and Fittings
    • Installation Guidelines
    • Air Distribution Test
  • Air Conditioning
    • Air Conditioning Introduction
    • Indoor Units
    • Installation Guidelines
    • Refrigeration Basics
    • Leaks
    • Manifold Gauges
    • Charging
    • Superheat and sub-cooling
    • Air Conditioning Test
  • Electrical
    • Electrical Introduction
    • Fuses and Breakers
    • Electrical Field Wiring – Fuses & Circuit Breakers
    • Fuses & Breakers
    • Overloads & Contactors
    • Electrical Field Wiring, Cabling and Connectors
    • Thermostat
    • Sequence of Installation
    • Electrical Testing
    • Electrical Test
  • Gas Heating
    • Gas Heating Introduction
    • Installation Requirements
    • Gas Supply
    • Furnace Electrical
    • Gas Heat – Testing
    • Sequence of Operations
    • Heating Test
  • Commissioning

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this course…this is an extremely detailed online course and I learned a lot from it…This online course is just as serious as a classroom environment. Some videos may need to be repeated or reviewed in order to get the best notes.”

James Fox