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Course Description

There’s plenty of room and opportunities for technicians in the HVAC trade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 46,300 jobs will be added by 2028. Are you ready to learn the HVAC fundamentals you need to succeed on the job? With Virtual BuildATech®, new HVAC techs can study at their own pace while progressing through a structured curriculum. This program bridges the gap between tactile and visual learners, with virtual training (3-D troubleshooting simulations), 34 learning modules, including video labs, and proctored exams along the way. No HVAC experience is required prior to starting this learning journey.

What you'll learn

  • The fundamentals of HVAC, including safety, refrigeration basics, and EPA testing
  • Electrical, motors, and cooling
  • Heating, air distribution, communicating with customers, and much more

Course Overview

  • Fundamentals – Introduction
    • Virtual BuildATech Introduction
    • General Safety Practices
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Heat, Temperature, and Pressure
    • Matter and Energy
    • Refrigeration & refrigerants
    • EPA Test (proctored)
  • Electrical
    • Basic Electricity & Magnetism
    • Introduction and Application of Automatic Controls
    • Troubleshooting Basic Controls
    • Electrical Lab
    • Types of Electric Motors
    • Application of Motors
    • Motor Controls
    • Troubleshooting Electric Motors
    • Motor Lab
    • Electrical Session (proctored)
  • Cooling
    • Refrigeration Applied to Air Conditioning
    • System Charging
    • Refrigeration Charging and Evaluation
    • Leak Detection, System Evacuation, and System Clean-Up
    • Refrigeration Lab
    • Online Simulation Practice
    • Refrigeration and Oil Chemistry
    • Tubing and Piping
    • Tubing and Brazing Lab
    • Air Distribution and Balance
    • Duct Calculator
    • Comfort and Psychrometrics
    • Air Distribution Lab
    • Cooling Session (proctored)
  • Heating
    • Gas Heat
    • Gas Furnace Lab
    • Air Source Heat Pumps
    • Heat Pump Lab
    • Heating Session (proctored)
    • NATE Ready to Work Exam (contact Lennox to schedule your proctored exam)
  • Technician Communication
    • Technician Communication
    • Technician Communication Lab
    • NATE Exam Preparation
  • NATE Test
    • Contact your Lennox Field Technical Consultant to schedule your NATE exam

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“I have been doing heat and air for about five years now. It is truly amazing how much you learn and soak up. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn service!”

Robert Burkett, Cabrillo Plumbing, Heating & Air, San Francisco, CA