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Comfortsense® 8500

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Designed for easy integration with premium Lennox® commercial equipment*, the ComfortSense® 8500 thermostats provides maximized comfort and keeps energy costs low. By allowing control of up to four stages of heating and cooling as well as full variable-speed operations**, these thermostats get the most performance from highly advanced commercial HVAC products.

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Intuitive Interface with customizable operation

  • ComfortSense® 8500 touchscreen thermostats provide an intuitive interface to make operation simple.
  • Menu-driven programming makes scheduling quick and effective.
  • The ability to limit setpoint adjustment and customize information on the screen provides added flexibility.

Enhanced Comfort and Energy Savings

  • The thermostat is designed for integration with Lennox® packaged rooftop units with the Prodigy® control system.
  • When paired with ComfortSense® 8500 thermostats, these systems precisely control multiple stages of heating and cooling and up to seven different blower speeds† , as well as the ability to fully modulate variable speed compressor capacity to enhance system efficiency.††

†For equipment with Multi-Stage Air Volume (MSAV) option.

††When paired with Energence® Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop units in 3- to 6-ton sizes.


Simplified Installation and Service

  • Four-wire installation saves time and minimizes the potential for mistakes.
  • Two twisted pair wires are all that is needed for most applications.
  • Built in temperature, humidity, and CO2* sensors.
  • Fault detection and diagnostic capabilities streamline the troubleshooting process for technicians and help them avoid extra trips to the roof.

* CO2 sensor in a select model only

CS8500: a perfect thermostat solution for
Energence® ultra-high-efficiency rooftop units

Energence® ultra-high-efficiency rooftop units

Key Features Include:

  • The Energence® family was designed with the latest innovations to deliver some of the highest commercial rooftop unit efficiency ratings in the industry.
  • Every Energence® unit comes with a Prodigy® 2.0 unit controller that provides fast, accurate setup and simplified operation.
  • Now with the ComfortSense® 8500, the full capabilities of the ultra-high-efficiency rooftop units are delivered in with an intuitive thermostat solution.

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Description Model Catalog Number
CS8500 Commercial Programmable Thermostat C0SNAJ03FF1L 14X55 Shop Now
CS8500 Commercial Programmable Thermostat with CO2 Sensor C0SNAJ22FF1L 14X56 Shop Now
Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor 10kΩ C0SNZN73AE2 47W37 Shop Now
Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor 11kΩ C0SNZN08AE1 94L61 Shop Now

*Premium Lennox® Commercial equipment featuring the Prodigy® control system.

**When paired with Energence® Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop units in 3- to 6-ton sizes.