Dependable operation and long-lasting quality from the brand you trust.

The New Aire-Flo®4AC14L Air Conditioner

Aire-Flo New Air Conditioner

The new Aire-Flo® 4AC14L air conditioner delivers reliable and effective cooling, even in the toughest outdoor conditions.

Featuring an all-aluminum condenser coil, the 4AC14L is ruggedly designed, durable and backed by a company you can trust.

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Durable Design


The corrosion-resistant steel cabinet and durable all-aluminum condenser coil provide years of trouble-free operation, even in harsh conditions.

Reliable Operation


Made with quality components, every single unit is factory tested for leaks and proper operation to ensure trouble-free, long-lasting performance.

With a 14 SEER energy rating and a 10-year limited warranty, the 4AC14L provides homeowners with energy-efficient operation, backed by the trusted Aire-Flo brand.

Easy to service


We've stocked more critical parts at select Lennox PartsPlus® Stores, so you can get the parts you need, exactly when you need them.




This course module is designed to aquaint technicians with the features and components of the AIRE-FLO 4AC14L and describe procedures for maintenance and service.

4AC14L Training


*EL16XC1, ML14XC1, and the new 4AC14L are only available in select Southwestern districts at this time.

The new models will phase in as the old models phase out.

Please continue selling current models until inventory is depleted.

Description Model Catalog Number
4AC14L18P Condenser / 1.5-ton / 230V 4AC14L18P 14A58 Shop Now
4AC14L24P Condenser / 2-ton / 230V 4AC14L24P 14A59 Shop Now
4AC14L30P Condenser / 2.5-ton / 230V 4AC14L30P 14A60 Shop Now
4AC14L36P Condenser / 3-ton / 230V 4AC14L36P 14A61 Shop Now
4AC14L42P Condenser / 3.5-ton / 230V 4AC14L42P 14A62 Shop Now
4AC14L48P Condenser / 4-ton / 230V 4AC14L48P 14A63 Shop Now
4AC14L60P Condenser / 5-ton / 230V 4AC14L60P 14A64 Shop Now