10 HVAC things we’re thankful for

As the holiday season approaches and the year comes to an end, we asked our team for the top 10 things they're grateful for in our industry.

From technical innovations and loyal customers, to business practices, here's our top 10 countdown.

10. Participation in training opportunities. In 2017, we launched an exciting new course, Service Sales Excellence – vILT, more business owners, technicians, and Comfort Advisors involved in HVAC training than ever before.

9. Indoor air quality products. They help customers stay safe and healthy in their homes. These products will help alleviate cooking smells and the ‘woodsy’ smelling family dog. A great filtration system can even help to keep the germs kids bring home from school, from spreading around the house.

8. Great coworkers. We have an amazing work family. We care about one another and support each other, in business and personal matters.

7. What we do. We work in an amazing industry that can truly affect people's lives through health and comfort.

6. Sharing what we've learned. It's rewarding to pass along to others the knowledge and wisdom great people have taught us, and we love equipping HVAC Pros like you with the tools to grow in your own careers.

5. Smart tools that help contractors deliver real-time information to customers. From online training to the AHRI Residential Matchup tool, and OEM Repair Parts search, to the online catalog, evolving technology equips your business to grow and thrive, while helping to complete tasks fast and accurately.

4. Loyal and knowledgeable customers. We have the best customers in the world. They make doing our jobs truly worthwhile.

3. Diligent efforts to hone HVAC skills. The professionals in our industry are getting increasingly more serious about improving their craft. You take great pride in your work, which is awesome.

2. State-of-the-art tools for 2018. It's exciting to start learning about the new tools we'll have to offer in 2018. They showcase the science and technology behind our industry (don’t let anyone tell you HVAC isn’t a STEM field). New digital tools help technicians and Comfort Advisors to get more done, and that’s also great for homeowners.

1. Ability to meet customer needs. We're most thankful that we’re able to take our customers’ careers to new heights through education.
Before the year slips away, ask your team what they’re most grateful for this holiday season. You just might be surprised.

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