10 reasons your HVAC business can't afford to say "no" to training

Every HVAC business has a foundation. Training should always be part of that - no matter what.

Thinking about putting a halt to your training program? Think again. Here are 10 reasons why you can't afford to say "no" to training.

1. Your employees want it.

Employees like to know what they're doing, and they're looking to you for guidance.

2. A trained employee is less likely to leave.

That's right - studies say that almost 90 percent of employees with excellent training opportunities stayed more than a year with their companies. Turnovercosts companies $10,000 per employee, too.

3. It's another reason why customers need you.

Perk up your company's image by boasting the consistent training employees receive.

4. Employees are more productive.

According to the 2001 Global Training and Certification Study, a simple 2 percent increase in productivity covers all costs you would incur training an employee.

5. Raise a leader-ready team.

If your business is a success, you'll be able to raise leaders to take over your position one day. It starts with training.

6. Maintain credentials.

Keep up with NATE certifications as well as industry and state requirements.

7. Learn up-to-date industry practices.

Keep yourself aware of the latest in technology, government issues related to HVAC, and how sales has changed in the last few years.

8. New flexible options make training easier than ever.

Online training, webinars, and other mobile options allow your staff to take their training on the road and back home.

9. The ROI far outweighs base training costs.

Benjamin Franklin once said that investments in education always paid the highest returns.

10. Increase sales significantly.

BuildASalesperson graduates from HVAC Learning Solutions perform at 48 percent closing ratios. Enough said.

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