2015 Tool Recap

By Jose De La Portilla

If you don't have these best-of 2015 gadgets from Lennox Parts Plus, it's not too late to put them on your holiday wish list.

  • The ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meter. This little tool fits in your pocket, yet does the work of many larger tools in your service vehicle. It lets you know how much air is being conditioned in just a manner of seconds, all for under $100. The device measures airflow volume and velocity, while its built-in psychrometer measures dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures. And it can tell you all the properties of the air it measures, including “feels-like” temperature, relative humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, and more. It can store and send reports and, best of all; it pairs to your smart device.
  • The SPM-100 dual port manometer. Now, this one is incredible. Not only does it have all the functions of a standard manometer for less money, but it also pairs to your smart device to allow you to generate complete reports on site. It can measure building pressure inside and out to help you determine if the home is properly balanced, negatively pressurized, or over-pressurized. All the findings can be shown directly to the customer right from the smart device. And since it's made by a third party, homeowners perceive it as non-biased, helping to prove your findings and demonstrate your knowledge of the science behind our industry.
  • The Flir One™, a thermal imager that connects to any smart device.You can quickly scan a home for heat loss or excessive heat gain - for just about $250. It helps you diagnose whether the house is the problem or the HVAC system. Plus, it can record images and video to help homeowners understand steps that can be taken to improve the efficiency of the home. This inexpensive device allows you to verify your findings, incorporate add-on sales, and better meet homeowner needs.

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