The science of 24-hour service

It takes a lot more than just an employee or two for your company to be able to offer service around the clock. While the idea of 24-hour service seems simple enough, does your company really have what it takes?

Here are some things to consider:

Do you have enough employees to function as a 24-hour service company?

It takes at least eight technicians to feasibly deliver emergency service. This also means equipping for your busy season with extra staff members as well. Besides having the employees, you also need all of the tools and vehicles to prepare them for any job they may encounter. If you don't have enough equipment for all of your employees, then they may not be able to successfully complete their job.

Do you have an automated system set up for your business?

An automated system will make it so you do not have to have employees on hand at all times, manning the phones and website. This would create a system similar to a doctor on call - your employees would be 'on call,' and the automated system would alert them when they were needed.

Is there a high enough demand for your company to be 24-hours?

If there isn't enough demand, you risk losing money on a venture that can be expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, if there is no 24-hour service competition in your area, your company can tap into a market, which can be very profitable.

Offering 24-hour service when you can't deliver is bad customer service and risks damaging your company's reputation.

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