3 cheesy phrases your customers hate

There is nothing worse than starting off on the wrong foot with a customer; especially when your other foot is in your mouth because you said something cheesy or unprofessional. Keep your customer interactions personable while still making sure to avoid these three cheesy phrases that could make your customer roll their eyes.

  • "You remember, back in the day." Even if your customer is clearly significantly older or younger than you are, making a suggestive remark about their age is not only cheesy but it's completely unprofessional. Joking or not, just avoid this phrase altogether.
  • Referring to yourself in the third person. "Have no fear, Mark is here!" Well Mark, your odd reference to yourself makes the customer a little more than fearful. There are many other ways to reassure your customer without sounding like you have an invisible twin, so try to be a little less cheesy.
  • Using the company motto. "Well, you did call ABC HVAC where service is always speedy with a smile!" This is probably the cheesiest phrase a technician could say. If your company motto is speedy service with a smile, just emulate it - don't actually repeat it. The customer has heard it plenty of times on TV and seen it embroidered on your shirt, saying it out loud just makes you sound like a scripted new guy.

If you find yourself using jokes and other cheesy phrases like these, you might be more nervous with your customers than you think. Try taking a training refresher course or role playing with a colleague to make your customer interactions more comfortable.

What are the cheesiest phrases you've heard used in the field?

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