3 phrases every boss should use

Bosses often have fear of appearing weak. The reverse of that is actually embracing seemingly "weak" ways of communicating to gain acceptance, boost morale, and generate better ideas for business.

Here are three phrases every HVAC contractor manager should use and why:

1. "I don't know."

Why it's effective: If you truly don't know, it's ok to be frank. Those words shouldn't trigger panic mode because the boss doesn't know - it's about accountability for the employee to figure things out. It's not as scary as it sounds.

2. "What do you think?"

Why it's effective: Encouraging employee feedback is an essential step to a united team effort. Employees want to feel like they're contributing to the bigger cause, and by asking for their thoughts, it bolsters morale and allows you to be open to new ideas.

3. "I'm sorry."

Why it's effective: Apologize when you mean it. Those two words humanize you, and show team members that "the boss" makes mistakes sometimes.

What language do you find effective in the workplace?

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