3 problems the HVAC business never saw coming

Customers will always need HVAC services, but they have the right to choose where they get it.  Making your business the first choice isn't easy, but here are some tips from Ron Smith's "HVAC Spells Wealth" on challenges that might surprise you, how to prevent them, and how to resolve them.

1. "I don't know how many customers I actually have."

You might have thousands of files, but only about a few hundred returning customers. It's important to know who's continuing to call on you for HVAC service and who's left you for another.

Action plan: Go through all your customers' files and set aside ones who haven't received service in more than two years. Then focus your attention on those who are using your services - they're your most loyal customers.

2. "I have high turnover."

Turnover is a common HVAC business problem, but it doesn't mean your company must fall victim.

Action plan: Take a look at your training program for all employees. How much time do you spend on training? Is training engaging, informative, and effective? If not, it might be time to invest in a good program. Many HVAC classes can be done online to save time.

3. "My HVAC business isn't growing."

Customers are what make your HVAC business go round. Take a look at what your customers are telling you by not returning or their complaints.

Action plan: Follow a few simple courtesies - ensure that representatives of your company: show up on time, have the skills to do quality work, are easy to work with, and above all, are honest and fair.

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