3 signs that your HVAC employees are ready to lead

Great HVAC salespeople and technicians can be great leaders with a little training, drive, and natural instincts.

Have an open position that needs a strong leader? Look for these three signs that your employees are ready to take it to the next level:

1. They volunteer extra time
Not only are they hitting their numbers, but these people are going beyond their normal job duties. Additional activity may include volunteering to lead a meeting in a manager's absence, asking for more training, or guiding apprentices.

2. They handle customers well
Think of customer service as the ultimate test as to how future leaders may supervise subordinate employees. The calm, knowledgeable, and quick thinker can handle any situation well.

3. They don't make excuses
Leaders take ownership of mistakes made under their guidance. They also give people real answers and look for viable solutions.

Leaders are people you should trust, so look for these telltale signs in your employees. When they're ready for leadership, get them ramped up through training.

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