3 small HVAC business complaints (and how to overcome them)

A small HVAC business has some advantages large ones don't, and vice versa. If you're just starting out, or have remained a humble business, there are some stigmas out there you'll have to overcome.

Here are the top complaints by customers about small businesses and how to overcome them:

1. Too small.

Instead of pretending to be larger than you are, cling to the strengths of a smaller company. Perhaps the experience is more personalized, the communication is better, or better deals are offered.

2. Too little experience.

Prospective customers lean toward the idea that a new company may not have the experience a larger one does. Counter this by exposing the employee training, certifications, and years of experience you and your employees had in your prior to starting the company.

3. Too little resources.

Perhaps it's the toughest perception to battle, but demonstrate willingness to bring new people on board to get the job done. And most importantly: when you say you're going to be there, do so.

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