Maintaining transparency and harmony within your team

Your employees are a reflection of your business

Working in HVAC is a pretty tough job, especially when you consider working in either extreme hot or frigid regions of the U.S. Another contributor to making the job a challenge is the sheer physicality of what the work entails, such as climbing up and down ladders, crawling through tight, cramped attics, damp basements, long hours and solving complex mechanical problems.

Another large component is working with homeowners and ensuring they’re satisfied with the job. Pros have to explain, answer questions on proper operations of equipment and the responsibilities of keeping with up with maintenance schedules for their system.

But what about the other important stuff like unappreciated workers or flawed company policies? Aside from the physical and customer relations challenges there are workplace scenarios that can really take a toll on an HVAC team.

Here are a few common complaints from teams and technicians:

  • Favoritism or showing preferential treatment over another employee.
  • Insensitivity shown to employees by the owners or managers.
  • Criticism of an employee in front of staff or clients.
  • A depersonalized workplace environment.
  • Inadequate training or growth opportunities within the company.
  • Lack of teamwork.
  • Betrayal of trust extended to manager or owner.
  • Unreasonable demands on employees.
  • Poor communication between the office and field.
  • Flexibility with work hours - life balance.
  • Being told to do something that is unethical.
  • Time off should be a priority for team morale.

Improving team morale through better communication and self-improvement

As owner or manager, your employees are a reflection of your business. Always take the time to listen to your team. Employees should feel comfortable in expressing their opinions or ideas without any repercussions.

To give your techs and team the knowledge and confidence they need to communicate with customers and each other, try enrolling them into a Virtual Tech Communications™ course. These courses are highly interactive and informative. Whether you’re looking to ante up your sales game, train a new technician or Comfort Advisor, sharpen your office management skills, improve customer service, or boost your technical know-how, we’ve got the courses you need to help your teams perform better.

Discontent between you and your employees can ultimately result in poor business performance, loss of customers or high turnover. Take the time to cultivate a transparent environment where employees don’t feel like they have to watch their back. Sometimes business cannot be business as usual, but you can do your part to help your employees feel valued while staying productive.

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