3 ways social media can hurt your HVAC business

There are about a thousand messages out there telling businesses to jump on the social media  bandwagon. But, so many business owners are disappointed when they're not getting the magical results promised.

We must be smart about this! Social media  could hurt your business, but here are three ways to make it the best investment you ever made:

1. Are you an original? Or are you just another business selling another service? Just because you're there to gain prospects and new customers doesn't mean all your content has to be about selling. Perhaps it's helpful to give a "tip of the day" or share some of the more laid back parts of your business (a company picnic).

2. Do you listen? Yes! You have a comment. Now what? Set up email notifications for all activity that happens on the accounts, or get a free account with vendors that provide a social media "dashboard" where you can see all activity at a glance. Once you're there, be sure every person participating knows they've been heard. Always thank everyone for feedback  - good or bad.

3. Do you reach the right people? If you don't see the right activity going on, you may have the wrong audience. And each channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is different. Study what demographics your customers fall under and invite them to the appropriate channels.

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