3 ways to Personalize the Customer Experience

Good products and skilled technicians aren't enough for your customer today. It's all about the customer experience - so what can you do to make them feel extra special?

For starters, call him or her by first name.
It's a simple, but personal touch that instantly makes the customer feel connected. Before stepping foot in the door, make sure you know the name of the person you're about to meet.

Secondly, know the customer's history.
It's always impressive when a company "remembers" your previous business (i.e., when the last maintenance was performed, what your thoughts were on potentially replacing your system). It's irritating to have to regurgitate information to each new technician. Simple fix: keep a running file with personal notes on each client. 

Thirdly, follow up.
Don't stop at the impressive knowledge about the customer. Follow up with a phone call or email every time. This could expose potential problems that need troubleshooting, or it could be another great opportunity for feedback (and if you're lucky, a testimonial).

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