4 steps to sales team success

While the HVAC industry is reinventing itself, implement these tips for growing your top line through your sales team. The size of your team is irrelevant. It's about the size of your customer base and grabbing the sales that matter.

Here are four steps to revenue growth from BNet.com's leadership experts:


Look at what's creating awareness of your company, what generates the most leads, and the frequency of re-signing contracts. This can also be broken down by salesperson.

Set Goals

It's important to set objectives for your sales team in meeting each of the steps established in the assessment. This way you can go back and see what needs improvement. The most important portion of this step? Involving the sales team each step of the way.

Audience evaluation

Go beyond the demographics - focus on customer details and contract patterns. They're far more telling than your specific audience. HVAC customers represent a wide range of people, from the growing family with a moderately priced home to corporate giants.

Sales training

Build a learning culture among your sales team. The worst you could do for the team is to let them get comfortable in their roles without reminding them of other learning opportunities.

Follow this outline and watch as your company grows its sales pipeline that increases your top line.

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