4 ways customer service can be simple

Here are my four tips:

  1. Cut the red tape: Using your best judgment is a good way of handling those impromptu maintenance situations. For management: empower your employees to make decisions on their own.
  2. Direct contact: To avoid having your HVAC customer endlessly wait on hold for a customer service representative, give them a direct line to your service number. This will give the customer reassurance that they can reach you in an unexpected or emergency situation. You can help walk them through minor repairs or schedule a time for a maintenance request or installation.
  3. Product knowledge: As a technician or salesperson, avoid limiting yourself to only learning what is specific to you. Broadening your knowledge can help you do your job better.
  4. Courtesy: After you have exhausted your knowledge and resources, address the problem as politely as you can and call on-site the team or person who can best assess and address the situation. Making sure the customer doesn't lift a finger will make them feel important and appreciated and also show you mean business with 24-hour service.

How have you handled a pressing situation without going straight to your manager?

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