4 ways to kill an HVAC sale

Today's HVAC sales challenges are sometimes difficult to understand. Just how do you get around the customer who refuses to see the value in a solar-ready HVAC system and turn that into a sale? It's certainly possible.

The first step is understanding what's affecting your new customer and how to get around it. Here are four sales challenges and solutions:

1. One HVAC Sale Solution Doesn't Fit All
Why a newlywed couple needs a solar-ready system is completely different than why a retired veteran needs one. Get to know your customers well before going for the sale - know their motivations and earn their trust.

2. MIA: Information
Your potential customers aren't calling you for information - they're googling it. They've already made up their mind before you enter the door. Put the ball in your court by providing as much information as possible via your website, blog, social media, etc.

3. Poor Time Management
How much time are you spending on sales anyway? One large company discovered that 14 percent of salespeople's time were spent in sales, while the other portions were spent on internal duties. Be sure you're spending more time outside the office.

4. Misperceptions
Introduce yourself as a "salesperson" and your customer puts up a wall. Introduce yourself as a "comfort specialist" and your customer has questions - good questions that start the sales cycle. Carry the title and own it. Talk in a language the customer understands, answer their questions with genuine answers, and focus on selling peace of mind.

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