5 books every HVAC contractor should read

Sometimes thinking outside the box is as easy as reading a great book. Here are five books that every contractor should read on owning a better business and rethinking how he or she does HVAC.

HVAC Spells Wealth
By Ron Smith
This HVAC business-savvy man knows a lot about what used to work, what currently works, and what will never work in the industry. His fresh approaches to customer service and internal employee development make this a must-read across all HVAC jobs, from installers to owners.

Generational Selling Tactics That Work
By Cam Marston
"The reasons you like your product and service are the same reasons your buyers will like them, right?...Wrong!" Gain an in-depth view into the world of how four major generations buy. It's perfect for any salesperson challenged by selling to different demographics.

By Jason Fried
Quick, witty, in-your-face snippets of information and short chapters will make reading this business know-it-all book super easy (because they know you're busy). Clear and inspiring, the book states simple rules for a successful business. After all, the normal way isn't always the best way to do things.

Good to Great
By Jim Collins
Remember our post about differentiating yourself from the competition? Now's your chance to become the one and only choice for your customers - and this book has great tips to help you get there.

Get Content Get Customers
By Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett
It's not just about hopping on the social media bandwagon. This book contains smart marketing tips for any business seeking to reach out to customers that matter with content that matters. Joe and Newt hit the nail on the head with this marketing must-read.

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