5 reasons the new learning center will change your life

In a rut with HVAC training? Do you feel like you're constantly running behind? Don't think you or your employees have time for training? Well, you're in luck.

The HVAC Learning Solutions new powerful Learning Management System will change your life. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It's easy to access. Lennox dealers can now access all their learning needs through DaveNet! Since most of you are in DaveNet on the regular, training is even easier for you and your employees. Note that non-Lennox dealers can still access the system through hvacls.com.

2. Monitor your employees better. Assessments and reports of training activity give you an easy checklist to keep up with your employees' training needs. Best of all? It saves you time too.

3. Monitor your dealers better. Territory managers - listen up. As a dealer's personal sales consultant, communicate better with your dealer. Help dealers train better and more often.

4. Simulated learning saves money. In the new Virtual Build-A-Tech, technicians will find themselves in front of a home, an assignment given, and a system to troubleshoot on - all on the computer screen. Save time and money without having to send them to a physical location.

5. It's a one-stop shop. Training for anything HVAC-related - technical, customer-handling, sales, operations, business, leadership - is all here in one place.

What are your barriers to HVAC training?

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