5 things you should never say to a customer

There are certain things you should never say to a customer. In an industry that's plagued by spotty customer service and ill customer sentiment, a technician being on his or her best behavior is particularly important.

Just one saying could turn a customer away forever. Here are five things a technician should never say to a customer, along with alternate reactions:

1. "I'll be back tomorrow." A customer needs peace of mind to know that once a technician shows up, the problem will be assessed and taken care of on the same day. This is especially important in an emergency situation. To avoid schedule conflicts or supply inefficiencies, keep your truck stocked and look into scheduling more time for calls.

2. "I have to ask my manager." Empower your employees to make decisions, instead of holding up the process. Customers have short attention spans and need answers quickly. Eliminate the need for that step in the process.

3. "I can't fix that." If you're inclined to tell the customer "no," be sure to have a backup solution. This is where forming relationships with non-competitors comes in handy.

4. "****, this furnace is messed up." It's inappropriate to make sarcastic, rude, or crude jokes when technicians are on the clock. Period.

5. "I'll figure this out later." The customer will feel put off, left behind, or like he or she is dealing with an unknowledgeable technician. Regular HVAC training can prevent this from ever happening. Does the technician not really know what's going on? The technician should call for backup.

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