5 Ways to Alienate Your Customers

Alienating your customer isn't hard to do, whether it's not having a clue about his or her needs or failing the "peace of mind" portion of the sale. Here, I'll share five ways to kiss every sale "goodbye," (and how to avoid falling into these traps).

1. Talk, talk, talk.
More often than not, your mouth will get you in trouble. Say what you need to, but spend more time asking and answering questions about the customer's needs.

2. Stick to the script.
The sales script is a great learning tool, but it shouldn't be your crutch. Use it to introduce the conversation and practice rejection-fighting techniques, but don't rely solely on it.

3. Don't combat a rejection.
A passive salesperson is a sorry one, but don't be too pushy. Use follow-up questions to assess where the rejection stems from, or use rejections as a launch pad into why the product is valuable. Also: believe in yourself and the product. If you love what you do and what you sell, that passion will come through.

4. Don't embrace technology.
Tablets, GPS systems, applications that help technicians - they're all there to help. If you can afford it, adopt it. Not to mention, your customer will be impressed.

5. Don't discuss price.
It's the elephant in the room, but it's part of the customer's decision. So, don't be afraid to bring it up earlier in the conversation and leave them with a price proposal. Set clear expectations for the work to avoid shock or surprise that might turn the customer off.

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