6 Ways to Measure Comfort Advisor Success

Did you know there are 6 sales metrics you should be looking at?

Almost every company looks at three basic areas to measure their Comfort Advisors' effectiveness. For more accurate performance assessments, we need to look at three advanced metrics, too.

Three Standard Sales Metrics

Average Ticket: In North America, the average residential HVAC ticket is less than $5,000. We offer a dynamic sales training course, BuildASalesPerson™. We expect graduates of this program to achieve average tickets of $8,000 or more

Closing Rates: For the HVAC industry, a respectable closing rate is 65% -75%.

Total Sales: In the past, when Comfort Advisors completed their training, we would expect them to produce $650 - $750 thousand in annual sales. Today, a Comfort Advisor who has graduated from theBuildASalesPerson ™ course is more likely to achieve between $1.2 million and $1.5 million annually. That’s where successful Comfort Advisors are today.

We've seen students who knew next to nothing about HVAC, go on to selling $1.2 million to $1.5 million of HVAC equipment in a year. To reach those levels, Comfort Advisors need a proven sales process and effective training.

Three Advanced Sales Metrics

Product Mix: A good product mix would consist of about 10% of sales at the basic level and about 10% at the top product level. with approximately 80% in the middle. Looking at the product mix helps you understand where your revenue is coming from, and allows you to plan accordingly.

Warm Lead Tracking: What happens to every open lead? In HVAC sales, we don’t close a sale every time we sit down at the table with a customer. So, what happens to those leads? If we don’t have some way of measuring them, they float away. That’s an expensive loss. If you own the HVAC company, you've spent money to bring those leads in. If your team doesn't close them the first time, and don’t have a system for follow up, the potential customers will usually go somewhere else.

Self-generated Leads: Unfortunately, most sales people move on to the next sale and fail to continue to work their warm leads. This brings us to the last metric; self-generated leads. Comfort Advisors need to stay in touch with past contacts.

It is important that all your Comfort Advisors follow the same process, in order for you to measure their effectiveness. You will be amazed at the data that appears when you add the above metrics to your system. You will quickly see what's working, and where to focus more effort.

Even salespeople with natural talent can increase their performance with good training. Send your Comfort Advisors through our BuildASalesperson™ course, and see what a difference it makes.

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