A career as an HVAC technician

By Mike Moore

So you want to get into the HVAC industry. You heard there are good jobs and good pay. You know a few things about AC units, but you want to get professional training. Where do you start?

The key to any successful career in HVAC is good training and certification. Eighty-eight percent of consumers prefer a certified technician. In addition, certified techs can be promoted to supervisory positions, service managers, sales, or marketing jobs. He or she can also become a cost estimator, system test and balance specialist, or a building superintendent.

The benefit of the HVAC Learning Solutions program is that it's a tiered program that eases you into the fundamentals of HVAC like electric motors and air distribution, and guides students through advanced skills like dual fuel comfort systems and psychometric chart applications.

Adequate training not only prepares technicians for real-life work, but shows future employers you're dedicated and willing to put in the work to get the job done.

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