A checklist for better customer service


Did you just track mud in on your shoes? Leave a trail of dust or insulation in the customer's home? Use this whole-home checklist to guarantee you treat the customer's home like you would your own (or better!)


Before you leave the dealership

  • Do a little pre-call planning.
  • Check your inventory - do you have everything you need to handle this call?
  • Do you have all the necessary forms and paperwork?
  • How about business cards?
  • Is your technology charged and ready to go?

Before you get to the front door

  • Look your best: Do a quick check of your uniform and your personal hygiene.
  • Don't forget your hands - Use a wet napkin to remove dirt or grease from your hands.
  • Do your homework: Confirm your customer address, review the work order, and ready your tools.
  • Have shoe covers handy.

During the service call

  • Put on your shoe covers to avoid bringing the outside inside.
  • Pay attention to details - clues throughout the home will tell you a lot about the customer and the HVAC solutions you can offer them.
  • Offer to let your customer look at new products, offerings, and videos on your tablet while you work on their system.
  • Survey the area before you start your work to make sure you leave it as clean or cleaner than when you arrived and clean up any loose parts, tools, scraps, or displaced dust when you're finished.
  • Do a full review of services rendered with the customer and schedule a follow up call.

After the service call

  • Send a handwritten thank-you card to the customer.
  • Send the customer a feedback or service review survey via text or email.
  • Follow up by phone on the service call to guarantee a job well done.
  • Encourage the customer to join eNewsletters, social media, and mailing lists to stay in touch.
  • Make sure the customer is entered correctly into your customer-management system or lead-tracking system and set future maintenance dates.

These simple steps can help turn an okay job into a five-star review with simple awareness, preparation, and care.

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