A multigenerational workplace is challenging and rewarding

A multigenerational workplace's advantages can far outweigh the challenges. HVAC businesses traditionally have multiple generations in the workplace - especially ones that are family owned and operated.

It's important to look at how each generation likes to communicate, work, and collaborate with team members. Then, mix it up! The best teams are comprised of both genders, multiple age groups, and races. That way, it's not one mind thinking for the entire company - it's multiple perspectives that will lead to your success.

Traditionalists (born before 1945)

These employees trust authority, respect rules, and expect accountability.

Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)

These people hold many senior-level management positions and because they make up almost half the workforce, their age group is highly competitive. They prefer to be asked, not told.

Generation Xers (born 1964-1982)

They're go-getters because they like multiple career paths, choices, and a voice in the company. They don't like being micromanaged, and are highly efficient.

Millenials (born 1982-2000)

A technology-driven generation, millenials highly respect workplaces that acknowledge and use computer technology, which they feel is vital to their existence. These people prefer teamwork.

The key to success is understanding how everyone works together. In order to better understand how these all work together, take a simple refresher course.

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