Advantages of onsite and offsite training

Mixed onsite and offsite training may be the best option for your all-star team. Each offer their share of advantages, and combined, can make for an overall training program that will invigorate and jumpstart your team into a lasting legacy of great workers.

Benefits include:

Get basics done

Not every subject requires intense in-person training. Some subjects may only take a 45-minute e-course for your employees to grasp the main ideas. Think of online training as your basics, and offsite training as your foundation.

Individualized training

One-on-one time with employees who learn differently is an immense benefit to sending your crew on a one-week training getaway. They'll also get to do hands-on situational training to learn how to better handle a customer, a fellow employee, and even get to practice on an HVAC system in a safe environment.

Time Saving

Nobody has time - especially when your crew is busy with service calls. Plan for a training program well ahead of time, and let your team dedicate just a few minutes a day to online training (or let them complete the hours at home).

All of the advantages above will add nothing but profit to your business. Your team will feel more loyal to the company, your turnover rates will decrease, and the thousands of dollars you spend on a fantastic training program for your star salesperson may produce millions of dollars in sales.

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