Allergy relief: a new selling point

Allergy relief is a major concern for customers, but many don't know that their HVAC system could be the problem. Studies show that allergy symptoms commonly flare up due to poor indoor air quality - something that could be detected during routine maintenance.

That's where you come in. Much of what constitutes great customer work in the field is problem solving: fixing a botched job, troubleshooting unknown issues, or easing customer apprehension. Imagine the testimonial in relieving a customer's allergy symptoms!

Here are a few tips on pursuing customers who need allergy relief:

  • Word of mouth: Listen to your customers, neighbors, friends, and family. At least a few will always be complaining about allergy symptoms around this time of year.
  • Educate the community: Blog and talk to the community about relieving allergy symptoms with HVAC services. Be sure to back up your comments with hard facts and stats.
  • Study up: Get company-wide education on just how allergies are related to indoor air quality, and then talk about it on every call. Your sale is only as good as your education.

How do you reach out to allergy sufferers in your community?

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