Appoint an HVAC training director

An HVAC training director is an essential authority figure in your company. He or she establishes, manages, and monitors the training program. The training director could be your top technician or salesperson - maybe it's an up-and-comer who isn't as seasoned.

1. Leadership through ambiguity. Starting a learning culture can be rocky - especially with longtime employees that aren't used to it. A good leader will lead the team through that, and to clarity.

2. Organization. Because "HVAC training director" is not his or her only job function, it's essential that he or she is organized enough to perform all parts of the job well. This includes not dropping training dates and staying consistent with employees.

3. An entrepreneurial attitude. He or she must be able to seek out new training opportunities regularly. This includes interesting instructors and user-friendly alternative training methods.

HVAC training must be an organized function of the company. Need to outsource or don't have classroom time for every employee? Consider a supplemental tool like the Learning Management System.

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