Apps for Comfort Advisors

HVAC Learning Solutions training manager, Dave Nichols, recommends the most useful smartphone and tablet apps for Comfort Advisors.

By: Dave Nichols

The most effective tech tool for better sales calls is already in your pocket. Comfort Advisors, get out your smartphone, load up these top apps, and you can help your customers find the right equipment quickly, qualify for tax breaks, understand the power of the iComfort® thermostat line, and more. We also have a sneak preview of apps in the works for Lennox dealers.

Apps You Can Use Today

The LennoxPros app is full of useful tools, and one in particular stands out for Comfort Advisors. The Residential Matchup Tool allows you to quickly look up matching components for indoor units, outdoor units and indoor coils. It shows AHRI ratings so you can help homeowners qualify for tax credits and rebates that require AHRI-certified equipment.

The iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® S30 thermostat apps include demos you can use to show each model’s features. This function is especially helpful for customers who aren’t familiar with smart home digital and remote tools. With the iComfort® S30 app, you can show your customers exactly how the thermostat will look on their wall and on their phone. You can also walk them through unique comfort features like Allergen Defender™ and Smart Away Mode™. This summer, the iComfort® E30 thermostat, for non-communicating Lennox equipment and non-Lennox equipment, will also have an app with a demo mode.

Lennox Apps Coming Soon

Right now, dealers can check out the PILOT Proposal Tool from Lennox, which allows dealers to securely enter equipment and labor costs and profit-margin information to generate all-inclusive retail pricing. As a Comfort Advisor, you’ll be able to create a Proposal Tool account and sign in to generate a tiered pricing bid (good/better/best) instantly for each homeowner. You’ll also be able to prepare for each call by entering the address to see web-powered information on the home’s square footage, year of construction, estimated value and tax assessment. The proposal tool also links to AHRI equipment-certification information. Stay tuned for further updates to this eTool.

After that, look for a Lennox-branded load-calculation app that will recommend properly sized equipment for each home based on its measurements and climate region. This app’s not ready for dealers to preview yet, but stay tuned for more tech tools you can use to work smarter, educate customers and make more sales.

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