Are You Financially Stable?

Being financially stable is vital as you move forward with your HVAC business goals, and before trying new programs and hiring more technicians or salespeople, be sure your team has the following tools for success:

1. The S.C.O.R.E. sales process
Arm your salespeople with this quick reference guide. Not familiar with this proven selling method? It's about making a great first impression and ends with how to close the sale.

2. Total Home Comfort Checklist
Reinforce the whole-home analysis with a user-friendly home comfort checklist. For the technologically savvy, make it available on your technician's tablet.

3. A script tree for customer service reps
You can't possibly be at their side through every call, so when your staff is on the phone, provide them with helpful tools. A small "cheat sheet" on countering rejections and next steps should be used for reference - not to mention a friendly reminder to use the customer's name and say "thank you."

4. Dealer Needs Analysis
This tool helps gauge your key performance indicators as a dealer compared to similar dealers who incur double-digit net profit.

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