Are Your Salespeople Making the Cut?

When company sales are down, it affects everyone. It's natural that you should concentrate your efforts there.

It takes a well-trained, talented, and convincing individual to beat the odds of traditionally low sales success rates. Garnering tips from Joe Crisara of, let's discuss three types of salespeople that could be hurting your company's sales and how to know when your salesperson just isn't making the cut.

1. The Complainer
When sales are down, this person blames it on the holidays or the state of the economy. They continue to waste company money and time on so-so sales techniques and lazy weekdays entertaining your staff. Start closely tracking this person's sales patterns, and if they're underperforming or refuse to take on your challenge, he or she isn't worth the investment.

2. The Inexperienced Salesperson
He or she just doesn't know any better, but he or she isn't performing. Send this person to training and allow him or her to tag along with a sales leader before going out on his or her own. During this time down, he or she will gain valuable experience and thank you for the new commission earned.

3. The Complacent Worker
They're talented, but they just don't show it anymore. Having been at your company for 20+ years, this salesperson has it down - or so they think. Shake up their world with training on new sales techniques and challenging them with new goals. If they continue to underperform, reconsider their stake in the company.

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