Asking for a raise and when to do so

You've been working long, hard hours for years with your HVAC company. You want to ask for a raise, but that can be nerve-wracking. Here are my tips on how to ask for a much-deserved raise:

Be strategic about your timing

Pick a time when your performance and success has been high - and then meet with your boss. Take into account the financial health of the company as well. Has it been a busy summer? Has the company been able to afford better equipment? Ask yourself these questions to gauge financial success.

Plan out what you want to say

You must persuade your boss that you truly deserve it. Make sure your body language, vocabulary, and appearance are confident and professional. Remind him or her of all of your successes and how you benefit the company.

The don'ts

Do not use a co-worker's current salary as a negotiation tool. You want to highlight your successes in your meeting, not a peer's. Also, be realistic about how much you are asking for. The economy is still on the mend, so keep that in mind while deciding how much of a raise you want to ask for.

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