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The Ultimate Comfort System™ becomes the industry’s gold standard, winning multiple honors at the Dealer Design Awards

By Casey Kelly-Barton

For dealers and homeowners alike, comfort is the goal—and the Ultimate Comfort System™ is now the proven gold standard. Earlier this year, three key components of the system were honored with Dealer Design Awards, which are given to the industry’s best products for dealers in terms of installation, maintenance and service. The SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace and the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat both won gold, and the PureAir™ Air Purification System took home silver. As the most advanced, most efficient, and most capable heating and air conditioning system on the market, the Ultimate Comfort System™ combines top-of-the-line components to provide a comfortable, efficient, and healthy home environment.

“It’s one of our most efficient product families across the board,” says Kim Do, senior product manager for residential heating. “We’re taking efficiency to another level with our innovative technical features.”

SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

With cooler weather upon us, homeowners are starting to think about heating their homes. The SLP98V is Lennox Industries’ premier furnace, leading the industry in both quiet sound and energy efficiency (up to 98.7 AFUE). The SLP98V’s variable-speed blower controls the amount of airflow throughout the home, which brings with it increased home comfort and energy savings. Its modulating gas knob helps maintain temperatures within 0.5 degrees of the selected temperature, eliminating hot and cold swings.

“The way I see ‘SLP’ is that it is silent, leads in efficiency, and provides comfort. Those are our three industry-leading marks, and it just shows that the SLP98V is No. 1 in more ways than one,” Do says.

Pureair™ Air Purification System

To protect against the elements, today’s homes are built tighter and better sealed than ever, but the resulting lack of natural ventilation makes indoor air quality a top priority. Enter the PureAir™ system, which leads the industry in cleaning indoor air. It combines several technologies in one system, including a top-rated MERV 16 carbon filter, UV light, and titanium dioxide catalyst that help reduce odors and destroy harmful VOCs.

PureAir™ is easy to install and compatible with virtually any system. Lennox offers three different models based on airflow calculations, and yearly maintenance can be easily performed.

“We’ve known for a long time that PureAir™ is a great product for homeowners, but it’s great to see it recognized for dealers in terms of ease of installation and serviceability, and the opportunities it gives [dealers] to upsell maintenance agreements and get back in the home to develop a relationship with the homeowner,” says Jennifer Franz, brand and product manager at Lennox.

iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat

The brains of the entire Ultimate Comfort System™, the iComfort® S30, provides a level of service to homeowners that is unique to Lennox, keeping customers connected with their dealers and technicians. Innovative, easy-to-use controls benefit customers, and unique features like remote service access have revolutionized and streamlined business for dealers and technicians. The iComfort® S30’s most recent update added performance and installation reports, giving dealers access to data and information that can help them deliver on their promises of better service and quality equipment.

“The iComfort® S30 is more than just a thermostat,” says John Whinery, vice president, residential product management. “It helps dealers do better installation, provide better service throughout the life of the product, and deliver peace of mind to the homeowner.”

This article was originally published in Lennox News, Vol. 72, No. 3.

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