Bad habits today, no job tomorrow

As a part of National Self Improvement month, I'd like to talk to you about something you might not think is important: your bad habits. Those small, yet harmful little routines you get away with. Bad habits today can turn into regret in the future-maybe even costing you your job. Let's go over the most common bad habits in the workplace.

Bad habit #1: Procrastinating

Pushing your duties back until the last minute is detrimental to you and your team. If a business has to cut back on staff, don't let this be the reason that ranks you lower than your peers. We're all capable of carrying out responsibilities in a timely manner. Do it.

Bad habit #2: Bad Mouthing

Venting to your coworkers about other people is one of the most damaging recreational activities. Don't let these thoughts escape your mouth. Control your tongue, and watch your days become more positive.

Bad habit #3: Indulging in office treats

If your diet consists of occasional salads instead of occasional indulgences, it's time to get in check. You're a grown adult and you need to learn how to take care of your body. You will not only have more energy, but you'll have more confidence, which will carry over into your career.

Bad habit #4: Smoke breaks

I shouldn't have to go into the obvious health reasons why you should quit smoking. What I want to emphasize is the fact that you're negatively impacting those around you. You take more breaks, and someone has to pick up your slack. Over time, managers may decide they'd rather hire a non-smoker.

Bad habit #5: Running late

If you're constantly running late, you're constantly unreliable. It's a bad reflection on you both professionally and personally. You may think everyone lets it go, but the fact is when you're consistently late, people notice. You're not getting away with it.

Which bad habit is the hardest for you to break? Leave a comment or tweet me @HVACLearning

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