Be on time for revenue's sake

Failing to show up on time may just be the biggest complaint of most customers, yet many employees don't feel that they need to be reminded about the importance of promptness. What's worse is that it could be costing you big bucks.

Here are three reasons why arriving late to your appointment will cost you money:

1. Scheduling: Arriving late to one of your many appointments will push back your next appointment. This will not only earn you a lashing from unhappy customers, but also may risk you completing your following appointments.

2. Angry customers: You have a schedule to follow and so do your customers. They have planned your visit in a time that works for both you and their routine. Being on time is extremely important in keeping your customer happy. If they are not satisfied, they might threaten to drop your service or worse, actually do it.

3. Demanding refunds: Those customers who are inconvenienced by your lack of promptness might report you to a higher authority and demand a refund. This could cause a problem with your commission pay and reputation.

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