Become a local HVAC legend

Being ahead of the competition is one thing, but there's nothing like being known for your company culture - which trumps any sort of advertising dollars you'd spend.

Be involved in your company, product, and most importantly - community - to become a trusted HVAC company:

Be seen

Participate in local community gatherings by entering your service vehicle into the parade. With a few employees on foot around the car (in uniform of course!) handing out business cards, incentives, or goodies, it's definitely worth your time.

Go for a cause

Know of a local activity for a cause? Sign up as a team and volunteer. Networking will give you a chance to build customer relationships.

Be a sponsor

Get involved with a local organization or athletic group by sponsoring their cause.

  • Have a big parking lot? Let groups occupy your lot for car washes and other fundraising events - you will profit in both word-of-mouth and on-site foot traffic.
  • Sponsorship is inexpensive marketing - keep in mind that every sign, uniform and event is an opportunity for your logo to get some free publicity and community recognition.

Still Hungry?

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