Become a Sales Management Superhero: Pt. 1

By Dave Nichols

We all know the importance of sales management, but what does that actually look like? I recently spoke about this topic at Lennox LIVE - here are the highlights.

What is good sales management?
Sales management is all about helping your team surpass your business goals. This includes measuring performance, designing a lead generation plan, recruiting and coaching employees, managing the overall sales process - and all of this is just the beginning.

What data should I measure?
You can track closing rates, average tickets, product mix, revenue per Comfort Advisor, and open leads to determine success, but many businesses don't always pay attention to this information. Can you really understand how to grow your business if you're not measuring your progress?

How can I achieve it?
Taking your sales management to the next level begins with formalizing your process. Many managers think they've established a formal sales process for their teams. But when Comfort Advisors go out in the field, they may stop going by the book and start using their own preferred sales techniques. This behavior causes an inconsistent customer experience, which can compromise the company brand and reputation.

How can I get my team up to superhero speed?
For an easy-to-follow set of steps to help your Comfort Advisors stay on track, we recommend following the SCORE sales process:

  • Send the Right Message
  • Customer Assessment
  • Operational Assessment
  • Recommend
  • Encourage

Our BuildASalesperson™ and Master $elling® classes will give your sales team an in-depth look at incorporating the SCORE method into your business process.

Your chosen process is essential to successful sales management, but there are other aspects you should consider, as well. In part two of this discussion, I'll talk about how accountability and role-playing can further improve your sales management and grow your business.

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Blogger Dave Nichols is a regional training manager with HVAC Learning Solutions.

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