Become a Sales Management Superhero: Pt. 2

By Dave Nichols

Accountability and role-playing are valuable pieces in the sales management puzzle. In addition to formalizing the sales process, which I discuss in part one of this blog series, they can improve sales management.

Own It
Performance improves when employees are aware of your expectations and are held responsible for achieving them. That accountability comes from measuring and evaluating results. Here are some goals you should strive for:

  • Increasing closing rates to above 55 percent.
  • Driving your average tickets higher than $8,000.
  • Offering a product mix with best, better, good, and basic options.
  • Encouraging and coaching your Comfort Advisors to deliver at least $1.2 million in sales.
  • Doing everything possible to close an open lead.

Practice Makes Perfect
Once your salespeople are held accountable for their performance, they can focus on making their pitches align with your overall sales process. Add role-playing to your weekly sales meetings or during ride-alongs with your Comfort Advisors to see the benefits for yourself. All professionals - athletes, actors, and, yes, HVAC salespeople - have to practice before presenting to their audience to have the best chance of success. Practice how to handle objections and figure out which techniques close sales and increase your profits.

Be Prepared
Avoid sales management stress by having a good process in place, an accountable team, and enough practice to reach - and exceed - your sales goals.

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Blogger Dave Nichols is a regional training manager with HVAC Learning Solutions.

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