Becoming an approachable manager

You're in charge and let's face it, not everyone is eager to approach you right off the bat. Here are some ways to be an approachable manager while still holding the balance of authority.

  • Mind your body language: Unintentional body language can give off cold and distant vibes to your staff. For example, avoid crossing your arms as it can be interpreted as unfriendly. Your employees will cognitively assume you do not want to be bothered.
  • Focus on your team: You want to make sure your team is performing at the best standards at all times. Watch over your employees, but do not micromanage them. Showing you are engaged in their performance will let them know you care and are always available for questions. Find a good balance between trusting and helping your employees.
  • Talk to your team: Everyone loves talking about their hobbies and interests, so why not get to know your staff better? This is definitely one of the most important ways to convey to your employees that you are just like them. Who knows, you might even share a common interest.

What is one action you could take today that would help you be a better manager?

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