Beyond 'family owned and operated'

Nearly every HVAC business touts "family owned and operated" quality service and installation, as well as many years of experience. So what do you have to offer that your competition doesn't?

Here are a few suggestions on how to differentiate your company from the common HVAC business, sneak-peeked from our Master Selling series:

What's your story?
Your company's grassroots beginnings tell a greater story that your customer will appreciate. Was it just the owner, his truck, and ambition that started what is today a multi-department business? It's that passion that has propelled the business forward, so make it evident when you're selling and talking about your company.

What do you stand for in the community?
80 percent of customers would rather buy from a company that is giving back to its community. It's as simple as hosting an underprivileged family during the holidays or donating a system to Habitat for Humanity. Whatever the organization, be sure that you're passionate about it.

What do your customers know about your process?
It's the unknown steps in an installation that worry your customer. Ease their minds by clearly explaining what a technician/installer does, from greeting the customer all the way to cleanup and the post-installation walkthrough.

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