Break out of your shell for better service

Dealing with customers face-to-face can seem intimidating and uncomfortable - so many technicians operate without realizing the importance of communicating with customers. Here are a few ways you can break away from your initial shyness:

  • Be a receptionist or dispatcher for a day: Switching roles in your work place won't only give you a new perspective of customer service, but it can also give you the confidence to juggle different positions. The more confident you are with handling the switch, the more prepared you will be to interact with spontaneous customer requests or complaints.
  • Take a customer service class: Spontaneity is unavoidable when it comes to helping and handling customer requests. By throwing yourself into a class about handling unexpected customer situations, your reaction and response level will increase to help you readily take on any challenge a customer brings you.
  • Conduct a seminar in your community: Public speaking is one of the most feared things among professionals - by hosting a seminar of your own you (better yet, in your community for marketing) have control over content, audience, and time. Speaking in a room of both strangers and familiar faces can increase your confidence and help you hold a respected presence in any situation. A presentation skills class can help you prepare.

How do you think your level of confidence affects customer service?

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