Build an HVAC training culture

HVAC training is an ongoing need in any heating and cooling business, and it shouldn't be a one-time shot at the beginning of employment. One of our Lennox® dealers made training a company-wide initiative, which made them one of the honored dealers for logging the most training hours out of most dealers.

Air Rite of Fort Worth, Texas didn't just do it for an honorary title - it cared about the welfare of its employees and meeting the needs of customers.

Here are a few tips on getting your employees to jump on board, and how to get your company noticed for its training programs:

Cash Incentives

Air Rite offered extra money to employees for taking classes beyond the required hours. It not only gave employees a little more spending money, it gave them a sense of loyalty to the company and drive to improve their skills through e-learning.

Spend the Time

Carve out time in everyone's schedule to do regular training. Your employees deserve some variety in their daily grind, and a quarterly training schedule should help keep them on track and gain new perspective on the job.

Advertise It

When you're advertising for a job opening, play up the fact that your company offers extensive training both at the beginning of employment and throughout. Potential greats looking for jobs want to know that the job will take them to a new level and better prepare them for future HVAC jobs.

Tell us: How have you built a training culture at your company?

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