Build an HVAC training room

An HVAC training room is integral to making training enjoyable. It also sends the clear message to everyone that, as an owner, you're serious about training your staff.

Ron Smith, author of HVAC Spells Wealth, is a huge advocate of training. Here are some of his suggestions:

Use it as a recruiting tool

When anyone tours your facilities, the HVAC training room should be a main attraction. It's yet another incentive for potential employees and partners to work with you. A business which takes its training seriously enough to dedicate an entire room to it has success written all over it.

Make it functional

I'm not talking about a corner in the warehouse with dim lighting, a few squeaky chairs, and a small TV. I speak of a room where your staff can "retreat" and become inspired by knowledge.

Items to include in your training room are:

  • A training calendar that maps out three months worth of mandatory classes.
  • Basic classroom items like a large whiteboard, projector, markers, and an easel.
  • Comfortable chairs (with enough space for growth in the company).
  • Well-stocked refreshments for break times.

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