BuildASalesperson™ class: Salesmen tested, Air-Tro approved


Have you ever taken the BuildASalesperson™ class? It's one of HVAC Learning Solution's most popular courses and produces salespeople who can generate up to $1.2 million in revenue within a year of the course, with a closing rate of about 55%. But don't let me sing its praises to you - take it from an HVAC industry thought leader: ACHR News.

HVAC Learning Solutions' BuildASalesPerson™ class was recently mentioned in an ACHR News article, Deciphering the Value of Qualified Salesmen.

"...However it varies from company to company as to the training methods each endorses, what they want their salespeople to learn, and how they want them to sell. Helbing said for the company's new salespeople, he tries to take advantage of programs such as Lennox's BuildASalesperson™...”


While people attend technical or community colleges to learn how to install or service HVACR equipment, there's no formal field of study or degree for HVACR sales. Despite an established educational tract, the majority of HVAC businesses have one or more salespeople on staff, whether or not the word sales is integrated in their titles.

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