Can 3-D technology improve your field service mobility?

3-D technology and fewer tablets may be what your HVAC business needs to stay ahead. Here are reviews on the latest technology for your HVAC business:

3-D printers can replace inventory.

Printers put images on paper; 3-D printers bring images to life. Instead of printing ink, they print materials like acrylic, plastic, metal, or whatever you can think of. The materials are printed in microscopic layers to build an object.

If a technician out in the field needs a replacement part, a 3-D printer could have it on the spot in a few hours, rather than the typical 5-7 business days. That saves time and inventory, and making your customers happier.

3-D scanners can do the work for you.

Having a 3-D scanner is like having X-ray vision. Instead of having to take apart a unit, a field technician can simply scan it, receive a 3-D image of what's inside, and diagnose the problem.

Tablets aren't always a good idea.

Tablets like the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy may be great for indoor, temperature-controlled environments. But in the field, it can get very hot-or very cold-in peak seasons.

Tablets will shut down at and above 92 degrees, or at freezing temperatures. If a technician is looking up an order or a part, having a mobile device shut down is never good news. It's better to invest in a rugged tablet that is designed specifically for field services like the A1 Toughpad tablet.

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