Can you send a professional e-mail?

In this day and age, digital etiquette is just as important as your face-to-face manners. Let's make the HVAC industry even better through professional e-mails. Run through this checklist before you his "send" on your next message.

Subj: Keep it short

Don't overload that little subject line. Sum up the purpose of the e-mail in 2-3 words.

Double check the recipients

I've heard too many stories about people sending the right information to the wrong people. Don't be one of them. Double-check who you're sending that e-mail to. The reply-all button can be sneaky sometimes.

Start with a greeting

It's important to say "Dear So and So," or "Hi Bob," before jumping right into what you want from them. Even a simple "Good morning," can be a friendly but professional way to initiate the conversation. Note that your greeting ultimately depends on your relationship with your receiver - stay appropriate.

Don't forget attachments

You don't want to be the guy that double sends e-mails because of forgotten attachments. Try not to clutter your recipient's inbox.

End on a good note

No matter what the context of the e-mail, always end on a positive tone. Add a closing remark saying thank you or reminding them you're open to questions or concerns.

Keep in mind that e-mails aren't always the appropriate form of communication. Don't hesitate to call or have a face-to-face interaction when the situation calls for it.

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