Certification and Credentials to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you've trained with HVAC Learning Solutions before, or if you read our blog much at all, you know we're big fans of getting techs NATE certified. The benefits to you and your employees are many. Do you know what NATE certifications and other acquired credentials can do for your entire business? These stats aren't always well known, but they should be for business owners.

1. Seven out of eight homeowners prefer that NATE-certified technicians service their home.* Customer satisfaction is more likely when they are confident in your abilities to begin with. Having well-known and reputable certifications helps to ease a homeowner's concerns.

2. The more training you have, the more cost-effective it is for your business.* For example, NATE-certified technicians tend to do the job right the first time, resulting in reduced expenses in warranty and callback visits.

3. Continued education, plus achieving and maintaining certifications, results in increased experience and continued pursuit of self-improvement.* Employees who seek out ways to improve themselves professionally also improve your business by increasing the collective experience of the people in your company.

4. NATE certified technicians are highly regarded and considered “extremely valuable” employees.* Given that they have fewer callbacks, less warranty expense, greater billing efficiency, and are more experienced; extremely valuable is exactly what they are.

5. For manufacturers, additional certifications and education often means less expenses dealing with unnecessary returns of equipment and parts stemming from lack of knowledge on the technician's part. This saves money all around and fosters better business relationships with dealers and consumers alike.

Additional business credentials and certifications, particularly NATE certifications, not only benefit technicians, but the business as whole. This includes the consumers. Training and certifications are well worth the technician's time, and reward everyone, no matter how large or small your organization.

HVAC Learning Solutions can help your techs get NATE certified.

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References: Michel, Matt. "NATE Impact Study" Roundtable. 2006