Challenges of managing a new team

When you start managing a new team and operations aren't exactly ideal, there's a respectful and effective way to deal with those challenges. Management is all about the people - not the tasks. That's why taking an "employee first" attitude will get you and your HVAC company far.

Here are some valuable tips from management experts:

Know Your Place

When coaching your employees (a great way to supplement professional training), establish a goal and know the realities of their situation. As a leader, you have expertise to offer, but never assume the company's situation without first talking to its employees and getting everyone's perspective. Judging too quickly could put you in an uncomfortable position as a manager.

Coach Yourself

Think about your own issues and write those down. Not only will they help you better realize the challenges of the overall company, they can give you a starting point when coaching employees.

Ask Questions and Listen

Sometimes, what speaks more to your employees is silence. When you do ask questions, keep them open-ended and make an effort to listen to their problems.

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